Reasons of Failure in Competitive Examinations and Its Solutions

Every student want to get good rank in the competitive examinations and that’s why they always try to find the way of getting good rank by searching on the internet or asking the seniors about the preparation strategies. That’s good but these strategies are not suitable for every student because each student is having different studying environment, different learning speed, different perception, different goals and also different level of learning ability, means that each student is different from all the other students and hence they all require different – different strategies to succeed in the examination. But, one thing is common for all students and that is REASON OF FAILURE. So, if you know the reason of failure in getting good rank in exams, by not doing the things that leads to failure, you can excel in exams.
This book will help you in finding the reasons or causes behind your failure in competitive examinations and also suggests solutions for each problems. After applying the given techniques, i am sure that you will do exceptionally well in examinations.
All students.
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